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Marine Fish

Net Pen Feeding Contract Announcement- Jan 15, 2016 Deadline

All catches by Suquamish catches must be reported to the Fisheries Office at: 360-394-8445. 


It is the policy of the Suquamish Tribe to preserve, protect, and perpetuate the fish resources within its jurisdiction. To the extent that such resources are to be taken, such harvest shall be primarily for the purpose of providing food and income for Suquamish Indian families and only secondarily for sport or recreation. Nothing herein shall be a relinquishment, abrogation, or abridgement of any Suquamish treaty right.

Regarding legal issues: The Suquamish Tribal Court shall have jurisdiction over all actions pursuant to Suquamish Tribal Code Chapter 3.2. (Res. 2003-104 (part), passed Aug. 11, 2003)
Marine Fish regulations

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The SUQ Fisheries Dept. would like to pass along the following information to all who are interested in Halibut fishing in 2011.  The Halibut season is tentatively scheduled to begin at Noon on Saturday, March 12, 2011.  Those who are interested in participating this year need to inform the Fisheries Office of their intent to fish, supply a direct contact phone #  and register a boat name and number prior to the opening, whether you end up making it out there or not.  This is a new requirement for 2011.  If you are not on the list of fishers, you may not be able to participate – thank you for early registration.  The first 48 hours is the catch all you can “Unrestricted Fishery”, followed by a trip limited fishery “Restricted Fishery” which limits each individual vessel to between 400-500 LBS/trip every 24 hrs and may last 10-20 days.  No guarantee on how long the entire season will last, so please fish early and often if you are interested.

Also, a limited supply of #1 halibut hooks may be supplied to each fisher who calls in to claim their share.  Since this gracious donation is limited, the Fisheries Dept. will be limiting the number of hooks to between 1,000 – 2,000 individual hooks per registered fisher (depending on supply and demand). Call early to reserve yours: 360-394-8445.

Halibut regulations are as follows:

        Commercial fishery:

Hook and line: (rod and reel with no more than two (2) hooks).
Hand line with no more than two (2) hooks per line or two (2) lines per fisher.
Bottomfish Troll: no more than six (6) lines per vessel.

Set line: (long line) with gangions fixed or snapped to a lead line. Maximum 500 hooks/skate, maximum 3,000 hooks/vessel; max. of 8 skates/vessel.  Skates are to be anchored at each end with a buoy that must be clearly marked with the fishers’ identification number.

All Halibut must be landed with the head on.

Head On: No person shall take, or possess any halibut that with the head on, is less than 32 inches tip of the lower jaw with mouth closed, to the extreme end of the middle of the tail.  All halibut measuring less than 32 inches total length (with head and tail on), must be returned to the water unharmed.

Unrestricted Fisheries: In addition to a TREATY INDIAN FISH RECEIVING TICKET, every Suquamish fisher must report the number and weight of halibut landed to the Suquamish Fisheries Department (360-394-8445) within twelve (12) hours of landing.  Report must state vessel name, fisher ID, and date of landing and total number of fish (comm. AND subsistence) and poundage landed.

Check the Hotline for updated information on openings and restrictions for this fishery or call the Fisheries Office at 394-8445.

1.    Participating fishers must utilize the sport fishing rules pamphlet pertaining to that current fishing year published by the Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife for regulations regarding specifics on fishing areas, species, limits, and gear.
2.    Fishers are required to be in possession of their treaty Indian identification card and have the current year’s finfish sticker.
3.    Pursuant to chapter 14. - all catch must be reported to the fisheries department (360) 394-8445.

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