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Tribal Government Offices

Administration provides the essential services & infrastructure necessary for the efficient operation and coordination of efforts necessary to support & provide for the programmatic efforts of every Tribal department. read more >

The Suquamish Fisheries Department preserves and enhances treaty-reserved resources within the Tribe's usual and accustomed grounds for subsistence, ceremonial, cultural and commercial benefits for present and future generations of Suquamish Tribal members.
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Human Services
Human Services provides services in support of the Suquamish Vision Statement, which facilitates members and their families to be drug and alcohol free, mentally, physically, and economically healthy, engaged in cultural traditions with efforts to encourage elders, youth, and adult interactions promoting the goal of independence by educating members for ownership and control of their financially independent Nation. read more >

We provide innovative educational opportunities that embrace cultural values. We want to help our Native students to connect with their cultural heritage and values, realize their innate abilities and talents, and provide an environment that fosters respect for self, others, community and nature. read more >

Marion Forsman-Bousie Early Learning Center (ELC)
The Early Learning Center focuses on delivering high-quality child development and childcare services to Suquamish children, integrating culture and language into daily activities, and involvement of parents and community members in its operation, governance, and evaluation. read more >

Suquamish Police
The Suquamish Police Department holds law enforcement jurisdiction within the Port Madison Indian Reservation. read more >

Tribal Court
In a legal forum, the Suquamish Tribal Court assists the Tribal community to resolve conflicts. read more >

Natural Resources (DNR)
The Department of Natural Resources (DNR) manages and protects the natural resources affecting the health and well-being of the Tribal community, ensuring that future generations will be allowed to enjoy the same priveleges of the lands their ancestors passed on to them. read more >

Community Development (DCD)
It is the mission of the Department of Community Development to assist all Tribal members through its Planning, Housing, and Economic Development Programs in a courteous and efficient manner. read more >

The Office of the Tribal Attorney provides legal services to the Tribal government, including the Tribal Council and individual departments concerning civil and criminal issues. read more >

Child Support Enforcement
On October 1, 2008, the Suquamish Tribe received a federal child support grant to plan, design and establish a child support enforcement program.  We are pleased to note that this funding is for a two year span in the amount of $500,000.  The Tribe has hired Bill Paine as the Child Support Program Manager. read more >

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